Building digital infrastructure

Start developing your digital property today.

In business for almost 13 years


We don’t just build websites we develop high-end digital property

Defining goals

Usability and marketing are the foundation for every successful project


Investing in long lasting solid partnerships realizing long term goals


Hi, we develop web sites. And we have been doing so for almost 13 years. We primarily work with WordPress and Magento and more then 70% of the work we do is related to e-commerce.

Developing digital property

Here at cpo we value long lasting partnerships, because a web site or web shop should be considered a valued piece of digital real-estate. As a matter of fact some of our clients that have been working with us from the beginning are still with us. We develop and maintain that property for and with you. Knowing eachother well will speed up reaching goals.

Optimized for speed first

We develop web sites with usability and marketing in mind, by building web sites that are heavily optimized for speed. Fast loading web sites convert better, rank higher in search engines and even use up less resources such as computing power, storage and electricity. Therefore it is a necessity to have your web site optimized for speed first.